Who we are

Wte Srl was establish in 1997 as a company specialized as supplier, of aeration systems for waste water treatment.
The founders of the company as well as team of WTE are experienced and motivated engineers focused in provided not just standard solutions but following customers from the engineering to the installations. This approach helped the company to grow in national and international market

A continuous growing

Since his establishment Wte had a constant growth and supplied some of largest waste water treatment plant in Italy and abroad: Milan Naples Paris Sofia are some of the cities where our products are installed

The success of Wte is due to:

  • the innovative and reliable technology applied;
  • by a trained staff;
  • trustworthy suppliers of components;

Our products

Wte is skilled to provide beyond the product the entire aeration system from the design to the installation.
Disc and tube diffusers in our range of products give a high oxygen transfer efficiency and a relatively low head loss that leads to low energy costs and a long term level of quality even in the most difficult type of industrial waste water.

The superior result of our products is due to the specific compound used to manufacture our membranes in EPDM Silicon or EPDM PTFE coated.

The success of a company is also the result of suppliers it has. WTE products are entirely manufactured in Italy with proprietary molds by ISO certificated companies. All the components of the piping have been developed and manufactured to be applied in every kind aeration systems: from aerobic digester to aerated grit chambers, from channel aeration to SBR and from civil waste to industrial ones.

If you are seeking of mechanical aerators we have the right product.

We developed a line of Venturi effect submersible aerators totally made in AISI 304L or 316L and an innovative type of aerator where air is fed by a blower and water by an high efficiency and the reliable 6 or 8 pole submersible pump.
The ejector  is able to provide an high thrust thank to the double ejector.
The overall result is an outstanding efficiency and a unique flexibility of operation: by changing airflow is possible to adjust the characteristics of the apparatus accentuating the oxygen transfer or the mixing capability.

If your need is to clean storm tanks we select the right ejector for this task. Not just a submersible aerators but an ejector specifically created for this purpose where length and width of the jet stream are calculated based on geometry of the tank to clean.

Installation services

A quality aeration system deserves an expert team to erect it in order to guarantee performance of the system and a long-lasting life.
We have certified experts with a long record of installed system that can assemble your system can reducing the erection time and the problem.

If you have your team and you want to be guarantee of the quality of the assembling we can provide a site supervision by one of our skilled engineer.


Once you have installed a WTE system you can rely on a long series of years of operation. We suggest to program of preventive maintenance of your system. WTE can by a reliable partner for your maintenance: we have a record of plants with an operative life longer than ten years.

We care the cleaning of the membrane surface, substitution of diffusers or membranes repair of piping, acid cleaning of the membrane with our Airtech cleaning system.

The goal of our work is to ensure that your system works with an higher standard of performance during the time.