Category: Accessories for piping network

All clamps are in strong polypropylene reinforced with 30% of fibre glass (PPGF30%) with bolt in A4.
Threaded female connection is ¾” NPT

For the D110, our standard for lateral pipes, we can supply three different type of connections:

•    EVC patch, for an easy and quick installation. It doesn’t require glue or special tools;
•    Quick connection saddle. Made in ABS fibre glass reinforced 30%, this innovative saddle doesn’t require any bolt. The saddle is quick to install, cheap and has the possibility to be easily replaced in case of failure;
•    PVC saddle to be glued on the pipe. It guarantees a safe and strong seal.

All these connections can be used on the same pipe since they keep the diffuser at the same from the pipe.


Saddles are available in the following sizes:

Pipe dimensions

Inches DN Plastic pipe Ø (mm) ss pipe Ø (mm)
2" 50 63 60,3
2 1/2" 65 75 76,1
3" 80 90 88,9


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