Estimate 2.0

A new tool to generate quotation has been released.Everybody know how is important to submit a clear and detailed offer to customers. This new tools goes in this direction, it drives the operator to issue an offer reducing to zero the error possibilities and permitting the combinations of pipes size, materials, manifolds position, tanks dimensions and last but not least the different type of diffusers to install in oxidation tanks.Every year just WTE delivers hundreds of offers (without to mention the releases), with pipe materials that go from stainless steel AISI304L to AISI316L or uPVC or PPH. The software covers the possibilities to size pipe from DN50 in stainless steel to D315 in uPVC. Based on space and volume available as well as technology the consultants design tanks of various shapes: rectangular or circular, racetrack or anular. The software can assist to place piping with the best practice, avoiding deposit of sludge or zone with low oxygen concentration. Our engineers have more time to concentrate to those offers with special requirements such pipe in duplex stainless steel or tank with irregular plane view or treatment with industrial waste.