The new PPGF support is released

These supports are made of polypropylene 30% fiberglass reinforced.

They are more economical compared to the stainless steel supports and fast to be installed.

Once you have fixed the foot of the support onto the tank bottom by a mechanical anchor bolt screw the assembly made by intermediate ring with the lower semi collar already mounted.

The foot determines the height of the support. The adjustment with the “low foot” is possible from 150 to 220 mm and from 220 to 290 mm with the “high foot”.

A peculiarity of the PPGF support is the possibility to fix the pipe on the support by sliding the upper half-semi collar, and levelling the piping by means of the intermediate ring nut: turning this element clockwise (viewed from above) or anti clockwise you can lower or lift the support and therefore the pipe.


The materials: AISI3616 and PPGF are particularly suitable for liquids with a high concentration of chlorides.