The liquid, thanks to a centrifugal pump, is guided inside the ejector. There, a calibrated nozzle reduces the free passage by increasing the velocity of the fluid and creating a vacuum with consequent suction of air from the airfeed pipe (Venturi effect). The air and the liquid are thus mixed, generating a jet coming out of the ejector which ensures a proper oxygenation and suspension of the solids. The Aerojet are available in a wide range, in the following versions:

- Free-standing version;

- Auto-coupling version for installation in closed tank;

- Auto-coupling version for installation in open tank.

These devices do not use silencers, because the noise level measured at 1 m from the aerator is equal to 71 dB.


Aerojet are designed to mix and aerate in a wide range of situations:

- Biological tanks of civil/industrial WWTP

- Stabilization and equalization tanks in industrial plants with high PH fluctuation;

- Aerobic sludge digestion tanks;

- Fish farms;

- Applications where the process has fluctuation in the organic load (and so in the oxygen demand).

Aerojet is easy to install, use and maintain, as it does not require blowers, air distribution pipes or control valves; it can be positioned even without emptying the tank and interrupting.