Established in 1997 by two experienced partners with a background in multinational companies, WTE is specialized in the supply of aeration systems for wastewater treatment.

The two entrepreneurs are directly involved in the management of the company assisted by a team of experience and skilled engineers, able to support the customers from design to installation for both standard and customized solutions. This approach to the market allowed WTE to establish itself on the domestic as well as international market.

Over the years WTE has had constant growth and supplied some of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Italy and abroad: Milan, Naples, Paris, Lyon, Bursa, Sofia, are some of the cities where our aeration systems are installed. .
Our recipe of success is:
• a superior technology
• skilled and motivated employees
• reliable suppliers


To have an efficient aeration system it is essential to have a team of expert field contractors able to give you a turnkey job.
Our contractors have a proven experience in the installation of aeration systems: they can out the installation of your system worldwide, letting you to save time and money and with the guarantee of a spotless service.


To ensure to your WTE system a long lasting life consider a periodic maintenance. This will ensure optimal performance to the aeration system for its entire life.
WTE can be an ideal partner to entrust these services thanks to the experience made during more than 20 years.
Our services include:
• Membrane cleaning with a specific acid solutions that can be carried out manually in the empty tank or by our portable acid atomization system “Airtech Cleaner with the tank in operation.
In addition, we can offer: 
• membranes or diffusers replacement;
• repair of aeration system parts;

The focus of our work is that your aeration system meets the performance for which it was designed and ensure that these performance are mainteined as long as possible with the minimum effort.


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


WTE provides a wide range of diffusers and can supply the entire aeration system from design to installation. Our products combine a high oxygen transfer efficiency and a reduced dynamic wet pressure i.e. a lower energy consumption. This is the result of the compound quality used to produce our membranes in EPDM, Silicone, Urethane and  PTFE coated EPDM. WTE benefits from Italian excellence in the production of molded and extruded rubbers. All the suppliers of the main components of our systems are Italian.

Our products are entirely made in Italy with WTE proprietary moulds. All the components of the aeration system have been specifically developed and manufactured to be applied in this environment, regardless the type of process: aerobic digesters, sand traps, or SBR tanks. The experience accumulated over the years allows us to work together awith our customers to offer the most suitable solution for each type of application. We have a wide range of Venturi effect submersible aerators (AeroJet / V) made by coupling a stainless steel ejector (AISI 304 or AISI 316) with a first class submersible electric pump.
AeroJet represents a flexible machine for mixing and aerating the oxidation tanks.

For all these cases the Venturi effect aerators are not able to supply the required quantity of oxygen, we have developed a series of two-stage aerators (AeroJet /S) in which the air is driven to the ejector by a blower. The AeroJet /S, can operate as a submerged aerator, and, when the compressor is turned off, mix the liquid without adding oxygen.

The result is a unique efficiency and operating flexibility: adjusting the air flow is possible increasing or decreasing the quantity of oxygen transferred or the mixing capacity. All in a single machine with low installation and maintenance costs.

Rheology research has permit to WTE to design the line of ejectors RainJet, used to clean retention basins and storm water tanks.

These water/water or water/air ejectors keep the solid fraction kept in the storm water in suspension and ensure the cleaning of the bottom of the basin during emptying phase.